Film Predicted Novel Coronavirus Goes Viral After 9 Years!

Film Contagion. Predicted coronavirus
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Amid the chaos of COVID-19 pandemic, a 2011 released Hollywood movie has become the most discussed film now. The thriller movie, Contagion, directed by Stephen Soderbergh, tells the story of a virus epidemic that takes the lives of 26 million people globally. Many people believe that the film predicted the novel coronavirus attack of 2019 explicitly.

According to Warner Bros, the distributors of the film, Contagion is presently the most demanded film in their catalog. Also, the film has reappeared in most of the download sites, including Amazon Prime and iTunes. It was Scott Z Burns who wrote the script for this prophetic film.

MEV-1 is the virus in the movie. Officials from the World Health Organisation collaborate with CDC to address the outbreak and subdue fear. However, the death toll reaches around 26 million worldwide. The virus spreads rapidly from Hong Kong to Chicago, and then to Minneapolis. It reminds us of the gravity of the impending threat of any such virus epidemic in this era of ever-increasing global travel.

Almost all the symptoms of MEV-1 depicted in the film are respiratory and similar to those of COVID-19. Cough, runny nose, seizure, fever, and dyspnea are the symptoms shown. As we are familiar with the precautionary measures for COVID 19, the officials in the movie also instruct the public to avoid public contact. They ask people to wash their hands frequently and avoid handshakes.    

The cast 

  • Matt Damon
  • Jude Law
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Laurence Fishburne
  • Kate Winslet
  • Marion Cotillard
  • Jennifer Ehle

Contagion is not only a film that predicted novel Coronavirus but also an eye-opener. By the end of the film, it makes us understand that the virus outbreak happened due to the destruction of animal habitats. The message is conveyed precisely in the final scenes. 

When a tree is cut down, bats migrate to the piggery, and a piglet eats the leftover of a bat. The chef who kills the pig shakes hand with a lady who gets infected first and takes the virus to others. 

Contagion – Trailer Warner Bros.

As CDC has already informed us, 75% of new diseases, including HIV, Ebola, Sars, and now, Covid-19, come from animals and birds.  

Dean Koontz’s Eyes of Darkness, which says about an impending viral epidemic around 2020, also gained the world’s attention recently. He wrote this book in 1981, in which a virus called Wuhan 400 attacks the whole world.

However, there’s one more issue that has significance in this context. Animals also are vulnerable to behavior change and serious illnesses like tuberculosis due to their proximity to humans and urban life.

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