Oxygen Generating Bioreactor! “O (h), for Oxygen”

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“O for Oxygen”: The New Mantra 

Yes. the company Hypergiant Industries, committed to providing the world with the best technologies, has come up with the mind-blowing idea of oxygen generating bioreactor. The company has named the product Eos, a green energy solution that captures carbon from its surroundings, using algae growing in its tubes. Like many other modern systems, Eos also uses artificial intelligence to control algae growth and carbon capture.

Why is this oxygen-making bioreactor significant?

Humans have no love and concern for nature. So, almost all his activities involve the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. He is aware of the volume of carbon released into the environment every moment. However, he still wonders how he could restrict it and save the world from pollution and death. Although various initiatives like the planting of Miyawaki forests have been going on around the globe, air pollution is on the rise. Finally, the innovation of a group of researchers has given the world a ray of hope in the form of an oxygen generating bioreactor. The device is suitable for keeping indoors like any other home appliance.

What is the concept of Eos? 

Eos is a bioreactor that generates and releases oxygen into its surroundings. The concept is that if we place such oxygen generating plants in our home premise or public spaces, we can curb the threat of air pollution. The promising side of this technology is that the plant will capture the carbon from its surroundings for generating oxygen. Thus it will limit the threat of greenhouse gas since carbon dioxide is the primary element that constitutes such harmful gases in the environment.

Eos generates oxygen using algae

Chlorella Vulgaris is algae that can absorb carbon massively, unlike other plants. The proposed oxygen generating plant contains these algae that can consume the excess amount of carbon dioxide from the environment. The Eos Bioreactor is a 3’x3’x7′ cube that contains numerous sets of glass tubes in which the Chlorella grows. When compared to other species of plants, these algae grow rampantly and consume carbon 500 times faster than them all.

Advantages of Chlorella Vulgaris

Singnificantly, Chlorella is not normally vulnerable to regional climatic variance. It easily sustains anywhere. As per the estimate, one reactor would produce an equal amount of oxygen that one hectare area of trees can produce.

Moreover, Chlorella requires only a limited amount of nutrients for its growth, compared to other plants. Again, the remains of the algae, ‘biomass,’ has numerous other usages too. They can be used for making biofuels, food items, and cosmetics; the scientists say.

How will this oxygen generating Bioreactor help the future world?

Eos is for urban environments, especially in office buildings. This new device will have a crucial role when the future world plans for its smart cities that have urban industries. Scientists believe that Eos is an actionable idea that makes urban living easier and healthier than it is today. It can surely curb climate change as it removes carbon from the atmosphere.

Admittedly, the technology is not unique in itself. The International Space Station (ISS) has its ‘Photobioreactor’, which converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, using algae.
However, the company Hypergiant Industries wants the product to be available in the open market. Hence, it will become a cheaper cost, must-to-have home device. The firm will also disclose the technology to the world so that anyone can make this device for home/office purposes.

Imagine that you have your own oxygen making device in your room like AC, refrigerator, or any other essential items. Surely, that will become a reality in the near future. You will agree that oxygen is something that you value more than anything else.

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