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Continue reading our privacy policy to understand how data is collected and used by SimplyRaw. 

Log Files 

Log files are used to record relevant events within an operating system or communication software. Like many other websites, SimplyRaw uses log files to maintain relevant data generally centered around blog post comments. This includes the full name and e-mail address of commenters, internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser information, and date/time stamps. Log files help us to maintain data records and allow easy spam detection. 


Cookies refer to small text files that websites allocate to your device to recognize your device the next time you visit the same site. SimplyRaw uses cookies to keep our website secure and suited to the choice of our viewers. Cookies help to make the site better so that we can customize our content according to the recorded preferences of our viewers and enhance your experience of reading noteworthy news, insights, and analysis reports. It helps us to recommend content to you that most suits your liking. Cookies also allow us to detect suspicious activity and prevent any fraudulent activities on our site. 

We use cookies to keep a record of our site visitors and monitor site performance. If we discover any issues, we are able to deal with them as they arise quickly. For instance, we may use performance cookies to detect error messages. 

Most importantly, we use cookies to develop a clear understanding of our audience and formulate content on the basis of the same. 

Please be assured that your data is being handled with care, and the SimplyRaw team is fully dedicated to maintaining your privacy. 

Third Party Cookies

This website may use third party vendors’ advertising cookies, including that of Google, to serve ads based on your earlier visits to this website or other websites. To know more regarding Google’s use of data collected, you may visit the following link https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites

Information Retrieval 

SimplyRaw reserves its right over content available on the website. However, you may choose to retrieve relevant information from our site provided that you give due credit to the author of the respective article. Note that author information is available at the bottom of every blog. 

More Information

If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, drop in a message to our team on the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the SimplyRaw website. 

We reserve the right to make whatever changes related to the SimplyRaw privacy policy that we deem fit. Information regarding the same shall be timely updated on our privacy policy document.